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English is a vibrant and creative subject that opens up the world around you. It’s a subject to be enjoyed, not endured; let me prove it to you!

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About Holly

Holly King-Mand was born in Harrow, North West London in 1983 and grew up enjoying school, holidays in Devon and writing poetry. Holly had poems published in national anthologies between 1997 - 1999 and briefly studied Commedia del’Arte in Italy in 2002.

After finishing school, she studied CertHe Drama and Performing Arts in Bath for a year, before starting a Batchelor degree in English and Drama Studies at University of Sussex, Brighton. Her time at university in the city of Brighton was colourful, exciting and yielded many rewarding opportunities.

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English LIVE!

In March 2020, the UK government announced plans to lockdown the country, including schools, to curb the spread of COVID-19. Parents across the world began to panic at the prospect of having to home-school their children; where would they find resources? How would they know what to teach?

In response to this need, Holly stepped up to offer a free, daily English lesson for KS2-3 on Facebook Live. Her offer quickly went viral and over 2,000 learners tuned in for the first lesson. The lessons quickly gained popularity with thousands more tuning in from all over the world every day.

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